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June 27, 2005
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Inkscape About Screen 4 - Tea by Anarres Inkscape About Screen 4 - Tea by Anarres
A variation of Inkscape About Screen 4: [link]

Silmarilius suggested that the thing he most often saw in blueprints were coffe stains. Since I don't drink coffee (barbaric beverage), I stained it which tea (which is much more classy ;)).

Please compare it with the previous version, and tell me what you think.

Done with Inkscape, which is Free Software.

As always, you can use this material under the Creative Commons Attribution - Sharealike license, which essentially means that you can copy, use and modify it for any purpose, even commercial ones, as long as you give credit and release any derivative works under this very same license. Please read the whole text ([link]).
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Inkscape is great but proclaiming it "perfect" is asking for trouble. Damned trolls will go on a feeding frenzy. Got to manage expectations.

The Inkscape developers might ask for modifications so there is no harm in trying out other variations.
I have also encouraged them to try and make use of some of the designs in future releases so you might want to make it easy to change the version number (i.e. keep a copy of the text as text, rather than converting it to a PATH.)
Inkscape is great but proclaiming it "perfect" is asking for trouble.

That's why `almost' is scribbled by `technically perfect'.
On the other hand, I don't think that's important, and I don't mind the trolls, or being politicaly correct (though I realize it reduces my chances). I use Inkscape because it is Free Software, and not because of it's technical virtues. It's a statement of action for me, and I've long ago dropped any attempt at being objective.

Thanks for the note on future versions. I'll keep a copy of it for the eventual .99, just in case. I always do keep backups.
cool concept :clap:

i guess a bluish tinge would look good...
hinting at a blueprint.
Thank you very much.
Hum... ¿a blue tint, you say? It's an idea. But I like the warm colours better...

Anyway, we are already out of the deadline, so it would not be fair to modify the submission. :)
Like it, for some reason it looks more like a drop mark when its tea colored, and the mug mark is great.
I'd be inclined to go back to the red pen for the almost! though, as thats a more appropriate color for corrections scribbled on drawings.
I perhaps would add a couple more 'corrections' too, capitilise the D and F of draw freely, and add the ... in freehand red over the top,
or maybe not, try it and see :)
I think I'd leave the "daw freely" in small caps, because it fits better with the rest of the typefacing. Only Inkscape is capitalized.

But I'd like to add more "corrections" to the picture... It's just that I wasn't able to think on any that looked well enough. ¿Which ones would you suggest?

"the ... in freehand red"? I don't get it. ¿which "..."?

Thanks for the feedback.
I thought for some reason it was meant to be Draw Freely... but looking at
its just Draw Freely.
Cant think of any corrections that spring to mind as there arent any obvious flaws...
Do you think it looks better like this, or should I revert it?
I like it like this.
Like this it stays, then.
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